Sunday, September 21, 2008

weekend rundown

1) 2 hours at the car wash, i was bummed.
2) very late to a friends birthday party. better late then never. it was good to see friends we haven't seen in long time. Their son turned one, and he is so adorable!
3) rancid/h20 show at the house of blues...dinner w/ kevin, lauren, angi & ryan- a whole night! h20 was amazing, as always. rancid was awesome, until massive armpits and moshing led me & mr. fisher running.

1) the la county fair
2) one word - exhausted. ayden had a meltdown so it was rough towards the end but the start of the day we did some sledding in the snow. it was excellent.

now it's time for breakfast for dinner, laundry and the realization that the weekend is over and the work week has just begun.

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Frates Baby Farm said...

I'm glad that you guys came to Miles' party. Please don't worry about being late...we didn't mind. I wish all of us girls could've visited a bit more. Hopefully soon. Have a great week.