Thursday, September 25, 2008


millions of thoughts running through my head.
right now...noah.
my sister had her baby. his name is noah and he is perfect.
It felt good to be there for her. To teach her things that only a fellow mom could. I treasure those moments.

Babies have been on my mind a lot lately.
As a mom of two, are we done?
When is enough?
I ponder what another baby would look like?
Are we getting too old?
It makes me sad to think it's...the end.

Dear friends of ours who are two of the greatest people I have ever meet have been a main focus of my prayers lately. They have struggled for years to get pregnant, with no results. So they decided that adoption would be their focus.
Earlier this week they met with their social worker, who told them that there is a baby available for adoption! Joy! Then came the other news, she has down syndrome.
They were happy (she is a special needs teacher)! Then came more news, she has an pretty serious heart defect.
So now they are praying for this baby's heart and that God would provide them with clarity on the decision they should make.
Say a prayer for them tonight, dear friends.

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