Sunday, September 14, 2008

i *heart* sundays

Today was top of the list. A perfect day.
Morning started, breakfast with the husband & boys at Starbucks. Excellent Oatmeal and a coffee. bliss.
9:30 - on our way to the beach with the other fisher family: lauren, kevin, olivia and toby in lil' Corona.
Arrived. Claimed our spot. Played in the ocean. Toby's first time. (Being able to experience anything for the first time thru the eyes of a child has to be the best things in the world btw)
Lunch time consisted of handmade PB&J's. Sometimes there just isn't anything better.
While enjoying some one on one in the tide pools, a "ballsy" bird creeped into Aunt Lauren's bag, and swiped Olivia's "noch." Or sandwich for all us folks. Screams heard across the beach, for the capture of dear Olivia's "noch!" The bird was taking no prisoners and would not let go of this "noch" still in the Ziploc bag (which withstood some pretty rough antics...proof those suckers are worth every penny).
Grandma distraught over the well being of the bird, decided to climb some pretty slippery rocks to capture the "noch," fearing the bird would choke on plastic trying to reach the treasured sandwich. That didn't work out so well. But the plastic bag did wash a shore later that day, so we know the bird survived, but I think Olivia was traumatized.
The boys enjoyed more hermit crab hunting (no killing in the process- just observations). My husband enjoyed being an explorer but was booted out by some "environment hippies" (as he called them) for the safety of the tide pools. He was bitter.
So we called it a day. Pictures to be continued...
Got home. A load of laundry later, left for dinner at a friends house.
Dinner was fantastic. Good food and some of the best people in the world seated around me. Who we love deeply.
Now, the weekend is over. Catching up on my blog and about to hit some zzzz's.
Yours. truly.

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