Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fisherz -N- da Hood

just when you thought nothing else could happen to us in our hood, nothing worth writing about're wrong.
while enjoying some family time in front of the tube, watching pirates of the Caribbean, two kids came into our yard and jacked our sons skateboard off of our porch.... with us sitting right in the living room!
let me just start by saying this is the 5th skateboard that has been stolen out of our yard, amongst other things like patio umbrellas, bikes, and our dog. sometimes it's kids & sometimes it's men in trench coats (which is a lil' creepy).
So on to the tale, Mr. Fisher ran out in his undies, down the street, where they all (5) jumped into the bushes ... so he go into our car and drove after them instead. (good idea hun.)
he found them, but they just started running again. so he called the cops instead. (let's let the professionals handle this?)
30 minutes later the sheriff arrives, only to ask Mr. Fisher. "Are you still getting stuff jacked from your yard?" - Well no, we call the cops for fun! pssh.

On our list for our next trip to home depot:
barbed wire
a motion light

living in da hood ain't easy!


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