Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Wednesday letter

Dear husband,

Today I am really tired. I think it's because I've been staying up way too late, past my geriatric hour of 9:00.

I figure the longer I stay up, the faster I will fall asleep and I won't imagine that there is a boogie man climbing out of our closet (yes, I am still afraid of the dark). 

Today I took Ayden to see the movie "Oceans" while our car was getting an oil change and after 30 minutes we had to leave the movie because Ayden had to poop and refused to use the movie theater bathroom. 
He is so much like you. 

Oh and Brandon can play 3 guitar notes in a row. He's getting so good. 
Friday can't come soon enough.

ps- our wedding song played on KROQ today. And my eyes got watery. I miss you. 

love. your. wife.


Kel said...

Such a cute picture!

Anonymous said...

Awww....that's sweet--even the part about the