Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a letter

Dear Husband,

Today you were so good.
You surprised us with taking a day off.
We could not have been more excited.
And Ayden, he followed you around all day while you put up the fencing. How sweet was that?
He didn't even have his clothes on yet.
Just comfy pants & boots.

I love that we are getting older together.
And the excitement we feel when we work in the yard all day.
Or go hunting for new furniture. 

Or how my heart overflows when you make Ayden laugh so hard it comes from deep down in his belly and his eyes get all watery.

I try to tell you each day how thankful we are that you work so hard for our family.
I know it's hard sometimes. 

But man, today you made my heart jump out of my body.  

I love you husband. When I was little I made a list of what I wanted my husband to be, and you are that.
Know this!

your wife

1 comment:

Kel said...

I love it when the heart grows in sizes and stuff like this is what makes that happen.