Thursday, May 20, 2010

This morning Ayden woke me up & told me we needed to go on a walk.
So after we dropped off Brandon at school.
We went to Prospect Park. 

There is something so refreshing & beautiful about being out in nature early in the morning.
I sound like a hippy, I know.
But it's so true.
And people are so nice in the morning.
I never realized how much I enjoy hearing, "Good Morning," 
from a stranger. 

The husband gets home today.
And tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary.
Perfect timing.


Angi said...

Love this! Is Lucas laughing or crying? Hahaha. Aydin looks super cute. Yay for 5 years :)

with love, the fishers said...

He's crying. He wasn't having the stroller anymore :)

Amanda said...

Wish you could come to Boot camp with us there. We meet there Mondays Fridays. But, you might not find it as relaxing when you are running up those hills pushing the two boys :)

lauren ♥ said...

awww, happy anniversary! we are also celebrating 5 years this year too <3