Monday, May 24, 2010

Palm Springs & a sicko

Our good friends invited us to Palm Springs for the weekend,
and we took them up on the offer because we needed a quick getaway.
Life has been busy over here.

And they watched our boys for 2 hours so Kyle & I could go out to dinner for our anniversary.
They are good friends.

We went to Roy's.
It was seriously some of the best food we've ever had.
You need to go there on a date.
We held hands while we sat next to each other and talked.
It felt like it was just me & him in the room.
I love those moments.

We get home.
Go to sleep.
And wake up to Ayden coughing & stirring.
Another asthma attack is approaching.
Luckily, I packed the inhaler.
He finally fell asleep at 4:00 am.

We wake up & swim.
The weather was perfect.

Ayden decided that this was his time to swim without floaties.
And he did it!
No fear at all.

Another asthma attack approaches.
Over exertion, I'm sure.
He falls asleep, after our friend gave him some oxygen.
Then wakes up with a fever.
And we pack up & leave to take him to the hospital.
We know this routine all to well, and I don't want to take any chances.

Since Saturday, we've been to the doctors twice.
Co-pays aren't fun back to back when they are $30.
And all his medication, added up real fast.
But I'll spend my last penny to make sure my boys are healthy.

Right now,
He's on breathing treatments every 4 hours.
And on 3 different medications twice a day for 10 days. 

The doctor tells us his inner ears are small, 
which cause the frequent ear infections.
(Tubes are sure to come).
Environmental allergies,
chronic asthma.
We got really lucky this time around with some really knowledgeable doctors who have set him up on an breathing treatment plan. 
I'm so thankful for good doctors.

For now, he's in good spirits.
Kids are so resilient.



Amanda said...

Ah man! Hang in there mama. It's hard to see your baby go through that.

Amber said...

At least you had a few hours to enjoy your mini vacation, Palm Springs is beautiful! Glad he was able to get some great treatment.

Jeanie Aurora said...

I'm so sorry Dena. That is so scary. If you guys need anything, let me know.

LOVE you guys.