Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ghost Town

Saturday Kyle played a show in Calico with the Mill Creek Boys.
Which is really grown men & a lady, but that just doesn't sound as good. haha!

The day was beautiful, windy and hot.
With zero shade.
Not good for those of the albino persuasion. 

We did all we could to escape the blistering heat.
I left with a serious sunburn.
Really not looking forward to peeling.
Looking like a lizard isn't pretty people.

The stand up bass is such an awesome looking instrument.
Not to mention my good looking husband.

We had fun.
And were so tired.
And so dirty.
It makes me glad I wasn't born in the 1880's.
I couldn't take the constant dirt film on my body.


The Foy Family said...

Just a few more hours north and you'dve been in St. George UT *wink*

with love, the fishers said...

next time we'll spend the extra hours on the road & come see you guys!

Adriana said...

wow what a beautiful family!