Friday, April 17, 2009

What starts with N???

I was tagged...Well here goes...

10 things that start with N.

1) Newborn... is what we'll have in 7 months!

(This aint my baby, but you get the idea)

2) Nailpolish. One of the best things about being a girl. You can transform any ol' ugly nail.

(Which reminds me how badly I need a manicure & pedicure)

3) Naps... I really love these.

4) Naked butts on babies. You can't resist.

5) Nachos. I've been thinking alot lately about nachos with nacho cheese and jalapenos.

6) Not being sick anymore!

7) Non fat decaf lattes, which is what I'm having right this minute. After eating my not-so-perfect oatmeal. Can Starbucks ever have all the toppings at the same time?! How hard is it? Really.

8) Not working. The weekends are my absolute favorite time of the week. Can I just win the lottery?

9) Novels. And no I'm not reading Twilight. (Lie) It's sickening I know. Be embarrassed for me.

10) Noses. Big ones scare me. (That's what she said)...

sorry I couldn't resist.

Next in line...I tag...

Mandy - A

Jen - T

Kari - F

Rachael - G

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