Friday, April 24, 2009

Lucky Penny

In the wee hours of the morning, 2 am to be exact, I hear a cry for "my mommy" in the other room.
I wake...gracefully walk into my boys room to find him laying on the floor in a pile of blankets with a wadded up shirt as a pillow.

Poor guy! This is what happens when mommy gets sick and goes to bed at 7...her boys just fall asleep in weird and uncomfortable places.
Where was daddy to tuck him into bed ever so sweetly?

So Ayden tells me he pee peed his pants and falls back to sleep.
Let mommy do all the work huh?

As I begin to take off his pants I notice what appears to be a brown circle on the corner of his butt check?
It's early. Could I possibly be imagining things?
I lean in closer for a harder look, and to my amazement find a lucky penny stuck to his cheek holding on to dear life.

I pulled it off gently and put it on the nightstand...I feel like saving it as a memento. Kinda like a shriveled up belly button or a picture of their first poop.

I mean but really, who can sleep with a penny stuck to their bum?

This must be a Fisher thing?
Because it has been known to happen to a Fisher before... who slept quietly in their bed with a penny stuck to their belly. Woke up, walked outside and the baby still stuck there like it was an extra appendage!

We all like to save money one way or another!

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