Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Hair Balls

For my birthday last year my mother in law gifted me with my own garden.
Equipped with veggies & herbs.
It was small but mighty.
I had lettuce of every kind and fresh parsley- you name it!

But then little by plants began to disappear?

What happened I asked myself?

1) Did Booger need a tasty treat while scouring thru our backyard?
2) Or perhaps maybe some crazy fellow from our hood tramped thru my yard and decided that he needed broccoli?

My mind wondered...

After one plant disappeared, rows began to disappear!!!
No traces left on the's as if they vanished into thin air.

Then it rained...
exposing a dozen gopher holes in my sweet, sweet garden!

Nasty lil' suckers.

So I asked my all knowing father in law who has a mighty fine garden of their own, any tricks for ridding my garden of my pest...

He answered, "Why don't you try putting human hair down the holes?"

What! Human hair...that's crazy.

Well it just so happens that the husband had cut Ayden's hair that night so I grabbed the handfuls of my sweet boys hair and shoved it deep in the holes...fearful that some wild creature would come popping it's head out...

The next my amazement...the husband tells me that a dead gopher lay dead next to my garden?

Could the hair have actually worked?

Who knows?...all I do know is now I have a gopher free garden and for that I am thankful!


Amanda said...

too funny!!

bartomjea said...

god works in mysterious ways!