Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love is in the air

Grade school brings back memories of the all to powerful "CRUSH."
Remember those?

When I picked up my 7 year old yesterday, or the ladies man as I like to call him...I walk across the street to see him running and waving me down.
A storm was coming it, it was pretty windy so I thought...maybe this boy is worried I'll blow away?

Nope. Wrong,

He shouted..."RUN!!"

I freaked out and asked, "OK...but WHY?"


Oh no...!

He goes on to say that "Suzie" (we'll change her name for privacy reasons, she is under 18 by the way)...wrote about my boy in her diary....Ohhhhh!!
Her diary? sweet is that?

He tells me that he does not like her because she always gets sent to the principals office and has had....dun-dun-dun...INTENTION!!

"Intention I mean Detention?"

"Oh yeah that's it!" he says...

Ahhh, the notorious bad girl!

He also makes note that he can't like her because she has dots on her face.

"Dots? You mean freckles."

"Yeah those...I don't really like freckles"

(Who doesn't love a freckle...I think too myself ...)

I told him to just tell her that you can't have a girlfriend, your too young.

Then he tells me..."That's not what Dad said!"

Oh really...

The night ended with a talk with Dad.

He said, "There's nothing wrong with having a girlfriend in elementary school. Hey, it's good practice!"

I said. "No. No. No. He doesn't need that kind of practice."

Brandon's response..."I'm with Dad on this one."

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