Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I love lately...

 1. These outfits from Ruche. On my wish list...wishing my birthday was a lot closer than it is.
2. Kyle & I started watching Whisker Wars on IFC. And it's amazing. Who knew men's facial hair could be so entertaining. Kyle is now dreaming up his winter beard. Big dreams.

 3. I saw a commercial today for Ree Drummond's new show on the Food Network! I can't wait. New food shows get me every time. 

4. Pictures of Gloria Steinem from the 70's. She was so beautiful and had an effortless style.

5. This documentary. Watching this journalist from New York on a quest to see if yoga can really change his life...was so funny and made me appreciate the beautiful art of yoga so much more.   

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