Monday, August 29, 2011

Going back...

Oh where do I start?

Lately, around here we've just been living life.
Since the boys started school, man, I just feel like I have no time to sit and blog AND I'm just feeling so uninspired at the moment (insert: dill pickle post). 
So instead of boring you with more posts like that, I just haven't.
But it's been good.
I like just living life and not worrying about what I'm gonna blog about...or forcing things to happen so I'd have a good blog post...ya feel me?

But big things are happening around here,
like I start working next week. 
Which is pretty bittersweet.

My life is being a full time mom. It's who I am.
I love seeing their faces in the morning,
getting them ready for the day,
seeing them off & picking them up from school...
but life can be hard and finances even harder...
and an opportunity came our way that we just couldn't turn down.
Plus, the hours are perfect and I'll be home by the time they are out of school. 

Although bittersweet, I am so thankful that we've been given this chance and if it means more security the sacrifice is worth it. 

I just need to remember that when my alarm goes off each morning at 4:30 am...


Carynn Mae Eren. said...

I am excited for you!

Little Tree Vintage said...

best of luck with the new
job, hope everything works out!

Kathleen said...

i understand what you mean about being uninspired. inspiration comes in waves.

congrats on your new job!

Amanda said...

Been thinking of you often and praying for you. Must have coffee this weekend!!

The Soul Anchor said...

Good luck with working! My boyfriend and I are heavily considering getting married soon, and while he'd like me to have the freedom to stay home, we've realized that society has built a two income economy. It's a tough and very personal choice. I think you'll be great!

with love, the fishers said...

thanks ladies SO much for all the encouragement!

lauren ♥ said...

i totally know how you feel about living life, blogging, and going back to work. i was sad to start working again, after spending nearly three years at home with malcolm. but being able to leave the house (alone) and have some time away from the family has been really good for me. plus the paycheck too, haha! i wish you the best with your new job <3