Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Lately, all I seem to daydream about is a weekend away with Kyle.
It sounds so untainable, like winning the lottery.
But none the less, I still dream about it.
Googling "romantic getaways."
And living vicariously through the pictures of my friends on their weekend trips.

True Story: We never had a honeymoon...we got married & came home the next day.
And besides going on our mission trip 3 years ago,
we've never been away together for more than overnight.
And that hasn't happened since Lucas was born.

How do couples do it when you have more than one kid?
Having someone watch 3 kids for a weekend
sounds like a serious tall order...maybe too tall??


The Schwizzy's said...

i dream about doing this with my husband too. we have three boys as well...all under the age of 5. right now, it probably won't happen for awhile...sigh. we just have date nights to hold us over until we take our long awaited trip! =)

Kathleen said...

my sister who has four kids usually tries to split them up. two to me, one to the grandparents and one to his friends house. might be easier on you and maybe a fresh idea!

hope you get the weekend trip you deserve.

lauren ♥ said...

if it makes you feel any better, i am in the same exact boat. danny and i have been married six years now, and we have never gone away together. we never had a honeymoon either. we headed straight back to slc after our wedding (in vegas), packed up all of our belongings, and spent 6 days moving across country. ugh. so i will daydream with you. someday... <3

mylyren said...


with love, the fishers said...

I'm glad to know we are all in the same boat!!