Monday, December 21, 2009

Play Time

Lucas had a friend over for some one on one.

Lucas is 6 weeks and the cutie to the right,
Koston, is 5 months...
I can't believe my chubs! He looks 5 months.

Sweet faces!

Don't let his face fool ya...Lucas had a good time.
Koston had to jam though...he's growing teeth!

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kelbell said...

Great shots! I can't believe how big he is! Amazing. You have a future football star on your hands. Hes so squishy, I wish I could have held him, but maybe next time. I'll bring my rain slicker for Koston too!

Shpeen said...

Oh my, he is soooo much bigger. I really need to come see you guys. I read your thing about Aydens asthma too.. I hope he is doing better now... Lucas is looking adorable.

miss u.

Amanda said...

Oh my....he's soooo big! I love it! Tias was the same and now he's all chicken boned.

lauren ♥ said...

i totally thought that his shirt really said "tough guy" printed on it! haha, you should find a onesie like that for him. so cute! <3

The Marshmans said...

He is HUGE!!! I love it! Looks different from Brandon and Ayden..or am I not seeing the obvious?... Who is he resembling?..

We are the Fishers said...

He looks so much like Kyle!
I see bits of the boys but Lucas definitely has his own thing going on!