Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Okay, I've gotta make this quick.

I am babysitting my 1 year old nephew today!
Whew, he's into everything. I forgot how fast those lil' guys are. haha!

Anyway, I wanted to post our family Advent Calender.
It was fun to make & only cost a few buckaroo's!

Christmas this year is all about going back to basics.
Not a lot of money will do that to you (all away across the board) but I think it's great!
Lack of money enables creativity to shine & makes you REALLY look at the true meaning of Christmas, rather than how many presents are under the tree.

Here are a few of the things we will be doing to celebrate the coming holiday:

Drink hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows
Read the Christmas Bible story
Watch "It's a Wonderful Life"
Write letters to Santa
Donate a gift to a child in need
Donate food to a food drive
Make Xmas cookies
Make a popcorn strand
Make Xmas cards
Decorate our Xmas tree
Listen to Xmas music & dance our buns off
Have a special dinner by candle light
Make Xmas candy

Anyway, it's nothing fancy, but we started this last year and the kids had so much fun.
I remember they prayed and thanked God that their mommy let them celebrate Xmas every day.
It's the lil' things in life, remember.


Fabulous Foys said...

What great ideas! I'm gonna copy you (if you don't mind). You're such a funtastic mama ;)

kelbell said...

Great way to make the heart of it all shine! Your love for your family is so amazing.