Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Thursday,

While at home tending to my lil' one who had the case of the yuckies, I made every attempt to enjoy my time off.
I scrubbed every nook and every cranny of my lil' house.
I swept our new wood floors, which by the way are the probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Did 10 loads of laundry...I might be exaggerating just a lil'.
Played at the park...
And while at the park Ayden found a worm that had a dried up butt, but was still hanging on for dear life...Ayden was very concerned and asked me if his butt would dry up?
Of course not... Only when we get old.
Then we patiently waited for Brandon to get home from school.
Come home soon we miss you!
Thank you Thursday. We enjoyed your day.
The Fishers

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Life with Demetri said...

I agree, your wood floors are the most beautiful thing. I don't think I could look at anything else and be so inspired to spend a couple thow to have mine look the same same.