Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 days

In 4 days my boy will be 7 years old!

7 fun facts about Brandon:
  1. He wakes up early on the weekends to make everyone breakfast. Always, chocolate milk with waffles and chocolate sauce. Good & healthy!
  2. He offers me his jacket when it's cold outside.
  3. He collects everything! Small bits of broken toys, cars with missing wheels, paper pamphlets...whenever I start his wash I expect to find many of his treasures.
  4. Loves fruit. All kinds. He doesn't discriminate.
  5. His favorite show is Modern Marvels.
  6. He is an extreme goof ball and loves to make everyone laugh. Be it with an arm fart or a burp. He's all boy!
  7. He remembers everything. If we drive somewhere once, he can tell you how to get there. If he meets a new face, he will remember your face forever.

Happy soon to be birthday Brandon.
I love you!

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