Thursday, October 16, 2008


Two men with shopping carts passed by my house this morning, both going in opposite begin their day's journey collecting "treasures" from others' trash cans.

"Hello", one said.
"Hello," the other replied.

"Isn't today beautiful?" He said.
"Yes, it definitely is. Have a good day." The other said while walking off with a smile.

At times my neighborhood can be "strange" but at best, where else could I experience such beauty so early in the morning?

It makes me think about the times we are living in, with the economy in the dumps and families threatened with the thoughts of losing their jobs and worried that they can't provide for their are 2 men, who hunt for "treasures" all day out of the trash and can still see the beauty in the day.

And I think about my "treasures" and how at the end of the day I have three beautiful characters to spend my life with and here after. how lucky am I.

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