Thursday, October 23, 2008


I know you've been waiting...desperately.... to find out what happened
to our dear neighbor "Bob:"

Well we found him and he wasn't in the backyard!

Apparently, the Fisher's jumped to conclusions (not like us at all), obviously thinking the worst.
(Just call us The Burbs.)

The husband was getting in his truck the other day and saw "Bob" pull in the drive he blasted the car in reverse, jumped out of his truck and ran over to "Bob!"
I don't think "Bob" understood why he was so excited and he couldn't bring himself to tell him....
we thought you were dead, man!

So this whole time "Bob" has been working at a halfway house in San Bernardino.
So he let some friends hang at his house, to protect it......hmmmmmm.......

Mission Complete.

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