Monday, October 20, 2008

me & you

"Being a 6 six year old in 1st grade is tough stuff." - Brandon

Today at the grocery store- our normal Monday hang out- I had an excellent conversation about life with my 6 year old.

He groaned about how shopping is no fun.

"What's not fun about being able to pick your snacks and spend one on one time with your mama?" I ask.

He says, "Yea, you're right."

I told him how hungry I was because I was so busy I forgot to eat today.

He said, "What? You didn't even have a cookie?"

(Why not, right?)

"Nope, no cookies.... It was a rough day."

He has been having a rough year. Friends moved, new class, lots of "pressure" to get this reading thing down... He had to start over and make new friends...which hasn't been easy.
And so sometimes he spends his lunches playing basketball by himself.

I aked him if he wanted mama to come play ball with him.

"That's not very cool mom." He said with a smile.

Making friends is rough. Especially for a 6 year old.

I pray for a truck load of cookies for him at school tomorrow.
Friends or no friends, he is still amazing.

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