Sunday, October 19, 2008

Strength in my weakness

This weekend brought many a revelation for me.

1) I baked. Pumpkin chocolate bread.
I definitely had great expectations for this autumn dessert, but it failed upon completion.

2) Started making Halloween costumes for the duo. Making a mummy costume isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

3) I was asked to be a part of a team that goes to India in March. But I am struggling with this decision. Here is why:
  • The last team that went was held captive by Hindu's and their lives were threatened and the leader sacrificed himself to be beaten by bricks in order for the team to escape.
  • Mr. Fisher would not be able to come. And he strongly disagrees with the, "me going without him scenario. "
  • The trip would be over 14 days.
  • The cost of the trip is a pretty penny.
  • Bills still remaining from our trip to Romania...I hate left-overs.

In my heart I know that I was made to help others. Every ounce of compassion and sensitivity that has plagued my life since I was a kid, incorrectly labeled as "weakness's" have blossomed into "strengths." Beautiful gifts.

But making this decision for the safety of me: a wife and mother... has me feeling conflicted.


The Marshmans said...

wait, a team of Oasis' was held captive? who was beaten? holy cow!! There is a lot of stuff going on over there right now. Have you heard about Odessa, India! Not to freak you out, but it's just stuff to consider. I think I am seeing you in a few weeks when we come to town, Can't wait to catch up.

Anonymous said...

There's pleny of people who would appreciate your compassion right here at'd feel like you're accomplishing something without having to leave kids/hubby, until you're in a position to travel abroad again.... sounds like a win-win to me!