Wednesday, October 22, 2008


These were pictures taken by some friends of ours in Europe. They instantly make me happy.

Every Wednesday night we have a small group over to our house. Although I have to admit it, "The Getting Ready for People to Come Over To My House Syndrome" that I have really gets in the way. The second I get home on Monday, I feel like I need to get my house in tip top shape..."last minute vacuuming," My husband calls it. I have a hasn't been diagnosed...yet... but I'm sure there is something out there to label it, Besides Freaky Woman Who Can't Relax.
Anyway, on to the point of my story...I was rambling.
We have a group of friends over every Wednesday and right now we are reading Philippians. The goal last week was to read the book of Philippians every night from start to finish. Then each week after that we would read one chapter a night, and so on.
My husband led the group last week. Proud moment.
You feel such a sense of joy and love from reading this book. The true sense of how God wants us to be. To be loving to all, to love him and to not be afraid of sharing his love.
To read how Paul was in a prison; probably starving and not in the best of humble and joyful about the the lives of people he loved outside of those walls. And how thankful he was about his life exactly as it was, and wishing for nothing more than to do God's will.
I can't imagine living any other way.

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