Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thrifty Thursday (brought to you on Saturday)

Thrifting was really good this week.
Like almost "too good to be true".

Every week my thrifting list grows larger and larger. 
It's getting really bad.
And mid century lamps has been taking up space on that list for a long time.

In desperate acts we've almost purchased a pair at an antique store, but became nauseous with the $300 price tags and ran away.

But on my last trip these were peeking out from a corner and I ran to them like a lost love.

I can't wait to use them.
They are so beautiful.

Kyle found this picture while thrifting.
It's going in the boys bathroom at the new house. 
Because Booger is Ayden's best friend after all. 
And this picture looks just like him.

Have a great weekend!!!

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