Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 2 & 3 without Daddy

We miss this guy!

But we are holding down the fort :) 

As I type I am surrounded by boxes and the sound of American Idol (it is so good this year, right? I am loving Steven Tyler & Jenny from the block, who knew).

Funny things that happened today:

1) I was a housewife at home depot (my husband's favorite combo) ordering paint with a cart full of kids and boxes, and I actually got hit on. It was hilarious. It really was. That or he really felt sorry for me. haha!

2) Lucas has the funniest giggle in the world! He does it all day long and I get close to peeing my pants every time.

3) Oh and Brandon got trapped under our big brown trash can. 
Living dangerously while doing chores.
Which really isn't funny, more sad, but who gets trapped under a trash can? It reminded me of a cartoon. 
*I can report that he is perfectly fine, no wounds.

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