Monday, January 10, 2011

Hostage Negotiations

Woody and Bullseye were kidnapped.

And I held hostage negotiations with the kidnapper over my iPhone.

Ayden was happy when they made it home safely.


Lauren said...

I've just gotta say, I love Toy Story and this brought back good memories!
Just within the last week I finally watched Toy Story 3 :)

motherawesome said...

Super cute. :)

bartomjea said...

When he came to pick them up....he was soooo nervous....looking around, rubbing his hands together. I finally asked him...."Are you looking for something?"....he says "Yeeeeaaahhh".....He nods 'yes' when I ask "Woody and Bullseye?"...So I told him last I saw them, they were on the computer trying to email him to hurry up and come get he runs into the computer room, and I have them propped up on the keyboard like they were typing. He just stands there staring at them, afraid to touch them....I said, "Do you want them back?" He nods yes.....I said, "OK"....he GRABS them and RUNS out of the room.....lolol.....I said to him, I bet you NEVER leave your toys any where ever again, huh?....I got a huge nod.....too cute!