Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1

Today was Day 1 without Daddy.
He's in Arizona painting a Mimi's Cafe.

And me...I am home packing our house for the big move.
I'm about 80% finished.
High five!

The boys just went to sleep.
For some reason they just did not want to go to bed tonight.

But today was good & productive.
I love these days.

Went thrifting (and found some beautiful vintage dresses for our shop...I'll show them to you on Thursday) and I ran into my sweet friend Heather. We seem to always be doing that. I love it.

We ate Phoencia before going to Trader Joes.
I love that place.
I could eat Greek food everyday.
Ayden ate chicken schwarma.
I told him it was a taco.
He fell for it.
Oh & Lucas loves humus.
He'll eat anything that boy.

PS- And Honey don't worry, I'm not scared. 
I have a night light.

1 comment:

Havis said...

I too loved running into you! And next time I am tagging along for Greek food, it too, is one of my favs and I could eat it daily!