Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fat boy

Our fat boy got a Xmas sweater.

I can't help but laugh and smile every time I see him.
He's like a sweet reindeer prancing around my yard. 

He just sees an opportunity for everyone to come scratch his belly!


Jeanie Aurora said...

ha ha, cute! I can't put sweaters on Ruby because Pretzel chews them off! ruuude.

Amanda said...

Thanks for this picture...made me laugh out loud. I love Booger!

Anonymous said...

When I read the first line, I thought you were talking about Lucas, lol......
I've gotten my life back in some kind of order, and I come here a few times a week.....not too many posting these days from you, huh?? Now that Lucas is mobile, I bet you don't have nearly any free time to blog. And I bet the free time you do have, you prob want to sleep....I'm sure you're enjoying it while you can, but I miss you blogs....hugs B