Friday, November 12, 2010

November 5th

Last Friday, my beautiful sister in law got married to her love. 

And I was lucky enough to do her makeup.

I have quite a few weddings under my belt now...
maybe a new career perhaps?
The photographer did ask for my card! haha!
so funny. 

And my love married them.
He's pretty darn talented! 

Kyle says I can doll em' up and he can help tie the knot.

I had to show you this picture of the back of her dress,
it was STUNNING!  

And here's us, the old married couple.
Our anniversary fell on her wedding day.
So it was an extra special day for us too.

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Anonymous said...

It was an awesome wedding....Jeanne did an amazing job, I'm so proud of her..she knew what she wanted and she did part was that she was no where NEAR ..I don't think I could have handled that....and yes, her dress was stunning!