Friday, November 12, 2010

Big ONE!

The day after the wedding,
our boy turned one.
(image heavy...beware)

We had a FULL.HOUSE!

He loved his cake!

He had a great day!
And it was so nice to celebrate a year of his life with all our closet friends and family.

He really is such a gift to this family.
I can't imagine our life without him.
Him & I have such a special bond.
We are so blessed to get to hang out with him everyday! 

Happy 1st birthday sweet boy! 


happy owl erin said...

i am so glad i found your blog! your family is precious. i now follow.

Anonymous said...

I'm still not over the fact that I missed his bday :'[
If I didn't have a house full of people while getting ready for the open know I'd have been there....thanks for the pics, though!