Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bone Daddy

Ayden is a special child.

He truly lives in a world of his own and each day when I wake up I get to hear a little about his world.

Our morning went like this,

"Mom, me & my skeleton dad like to eat bones."

"Oh, really? What do bones taste like?"

"Oh they taste like ice cream."

"And where do you get these bones?"

"My skeleton daddy buys them at the bone store. Don't worry mom."

"Oh, okay bud."

Right now, Ayden has an invisible Skeleton Dad.

He's the bad daddy that let's him get away with all the mischief his real good daddy won't. 

Isn't he quite clever?

1 comment:

Jeanie Aurora said...

ha ha! what an imagination that boy has! so cute!