Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yesterday was rough.
It's almost funny now to be honest.
I only cried a lil' then I realized that I'm not going to let these things darken our family.
We can rise above this! 

A friend gave me some advice over the weekend:
that I need to start viewing myself as a strong woman.
Her advice really was what I needed to hear. 
A good kick in the fanny! Thanks friend! 

And so I got to work on our garden,
take a look at our zucchini!
They are humongous!!

We are going to have zucchini every night I think. 
Happy thoughts for me, scary for the boys. 
They aren't big fans of zucchini or any veggie for that matter.
But I'm no longer making meals that are unhealthy for them just because I do want a fight the dinner battle.
(Or threats of throw up...haha)

They need to eat GOOD food. 
Food that is from the ground, not processed in a lab somewhere.

I have a new food motto: if it didn't come from the ground or from a mother, then we aren't gonna eat it. 

After gardening, I made a blueberry/blackberry coffee cake.
It was really as good as it looks!

I also kept meaning to share my old journal with you that my dad brought out a few weeks ago.

It was so fun to go back & read all my old thoughts.
Like one of my favorite songs was from "Huey Lewis & the news (well I wrote blues)." haha! 
I'm a total child of the 80's!

I showed Brandon & he wants to start journaling before bed too.
I've read a few of his posts so far.
And they are awesome.
I can't wait until he's pushing 30 and I can pull them out for him to read.


Lea the Lion said...

Have you thought about making zucchini bread for you boys? I'm sure they'll love it!

lauren ♥ said...

wow, look at all your zucchinis! we moved our little garden pots over to this new house, and while we were gone, a guy cam and pressure washed the siding, and killed almost all of them. it was so sad. so we are gonna start over.

p.s. i loved george michael in the 80's, and totally still do!! <3

Jeanie Aurora said...

Man, great job on those zucchinis!! Yum!!
Dena, you are doing an amazing job!!

Me & my sister Laura made a music video to george michael when we were little! LOL... good times.

Kel said...

Hi. I love YOU! You're such an inspiration. I love your zucchini! H aha ha aha! That was funny, really I do envy your gardening. Oneday I will have grass! don't be sad my friend, open doors and windows into your life and allow your sisters in Christ to help you work out the things of this world that get you down. XOXo

峻龍 said...