Thursday, July 22, 2010


I planted my new plants in my ash tray.

Took a picture of the Virgin Mary I bought at the Flea Market.
Funny story...I cleaned her off and her face turned white?
I looked at the rag and it was covered in concealer!
I guess the seller gave her a make over before putting her up for sale.
So now I'll have to paint her face....
but she's really pretty none the less.

Picked the veggies from my garden...and made salsa. 
ps- my garden looks like a bomb of weeds blew up! 
I have no idea where to start. 
It's been neglected.
I'd be fired if I was a farmer.

Then I made a new hair clip for this Saturday.
And another one after that...beacuse it was fun and all the kids were sleeping.

Good night!

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Amber said...

Peppers look Yummy...MMMMM