Monday, July 12, 2010

Sometimes I sit and try to remember what it was like to not have these characters in my life:

  • Did I really enjoy a good drive through dairy as much as I do now? (I'll drive to another city just for one!)
  • Did I really need coffee the way I do now?
  • Did I wash, and save every single plastic cup that held my applesauce & pudding? (just in case I needed a quick snack cup for later?)
  • Did I enjoy a bath in a quiet bathroom without a baby on my belly & a boy using the toilet with only a shower curtain  separating us?
  • Did I love sleeping in until noon!?!

Thinking of what I was like without them seems almost foreign or alien. Like remembering is like trying to remember the face of a stranger. 
It's amazing how quickly we adapt to the circumstances & situations in our lives.

I'll tell you one thing I never thought I could survive going to the grocery store with 3 boys, let alone one with a broken leg?

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