Thursday, March 18, 2010

No green-o

We didn't wear green or eat corned beef yesterday.
Feeling rebelious.
Plus corned beef is pretty weird.
The odd pink color & all the nitrates get me everytime.

Instead we went to a new park & went hiking.
Man was it hot!
We really didn't last very long.

He was picking grass. And he picked up a leaf!
That stuff blows me away. I get to watch him while he learns something as simple as picking up a leaf. Simply beautiful.

When we got home I made mozzarella pizza with THE best homemade pizza crust.

It was seriously the best crust I've ever tasted & insanely easy to make.
I'll post a link to the recipe if anyone is interested.

Today we are off to finish shopping for Aydens birthday party.
He turns 4.

This is hard for me.



lauren ♥ said...

i'm interested in the recipe if it is vegan (or could be converted?). and does that lil' onesie have swallows on the shoulders?! how cute!

Amber said...

Lucas is sitting up so well! Always enjoys your blog XO

with love, the fishers said...

Hi Lauren, yep it's vegan.
just yeast, flour, salt & olive oil.
Here's the link:
It's soooo good!