Monday, March 16, 2009


It's Officially Hit Me Like A Ton Of Bricks...morning sickness...actually let's be fair and call it what it is...all day sickness.

I came out of my cave once on Sunday afternoon for a friends BBQ and in hopes that my sweet friend could soothe my ailments with one of her concoctions. And she did.

Kyle would say, "Just lay in bed. It's okay."
Then I'd say in my defense, "But I need to deal with this. I can't lay in bed forever. I have work on Monday!"
My husband's response was, "You should have been a Marine."

Well maybe...

Regardless I forgot how hard this is.

So for now, please don't approach me if:
1) You've decided to unload the entire bottle of perfume onto your body.
2) You smell like bacon.
3) Or any meat for that matter.
4) Or you just ate popcorn.

Happy Monday!


The Marshmans said...

Ha ha Ha! not laughing at the sickness just the last part! So sorry girl for all the yuck hitting you. Look at the bright side, all those hormones are building something brilliant, which I am sure you are constantly aware of:)

Frates Baby Farm said...

Go to GNC today and get some Vitamin B-6. It does help a bit. I'll work on a few other things for you! Love you...have a great day!