Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Desert

Growing up in the desert as a kid, here are a few things I remember:

  • There are rabbit turds everywhere.

  • Our bus stop was a cactus field...?? It was traumatizing on so many levels.
There were so many times a poor soul would be goofin' off and end up in a chola bush covered head to toe in cactus balls.

And our bus driver was a rather large black mama and you know how small those isles are in the bus? you were either blessed to have her large behind in your face OR her droopy mammaries.

Anyway, point being ... I didn't appreciate the true beauty of the desert.

Saturday I took the boys to the living desert in Palm Desert. They had so much fun.

On the way home my mind wandered...

I relished at the beauty of the mountains and how the light hits it, the color of the sky, the temperature of the air...I even got a lil' welcomed sunburn.
I took my time coming home just so I could sight see while the duo slept in the back seat.

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