Friday, March 27, 2009

Me & my date

If there's one thing to know about me is that I love movies.
Love used lightly.

To me, a good night is:
home. good food. my family. and a movie.

The husband of all time has been working nights this week and in my sickdom, I've relied on the new movies on my tv's On Demand for company. Splendid, sweet company.

Let me tell you...On demand is dangerous. That and Target will be my demise.

Anyway, I watched Twilight.
I'll be honest, I am a sucker (no pun intended), with a capital S for romantic movies.

The movie was good. But Bella was eh...
She was strangely awkward and never smiled.

When your really in love, you smile.
The kind of smile that comes randomly when you think of their face or a sweet memory rushes on by.
A smile that lights up your eyes and makes you giggle.

Overall, it was good company for 2 hours.
I'd watch it again.

Have a good weekend friends.
I'll be in bed most likely. With 7 up. crackers. and maybe a few movies.


Amanda said...

Hope you feel better soon, as I'm sure you will.

Frates Baby Farm said...

Hang in should be feeling better soon :)
P.S. I LOVED Twilight...I now have a crush on sweet Edward...he's dreamy

Kari, Tommy, 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and Violet makes 8 said...

I hope you feel know what would make you feel better? Edward. Right Jenn? :) Love you!!

Kari, Tommy, 3 dogs, a cat, a turtle and Violet makes 8 said...

Oh and PS...I'm right there with you on the Target thing :)