Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out with the Old

My car has seen better days. It's definitely a mom car: stains, smudges, food, fingerprints, toys, and the kitchen sink!

It's ugly. It stinks and makes me mad that I've let it get this way. I should have rules; no food or gadgets..but where's the fun in that? And my "breakfast in a cup" is so convenient!

Well yesterday the time came to turn in my mom car for something new, something different.
The husband took the bull by the horns, and let our beast go for a brand new beast.

The dealership hated him. They hadn't sold a car in days and he took full advantage of that. ha ha
I'm surprised he didn't ask for a back rub to boot!

SO now we have a new car, that's ours. Smells pretty, looks pretty and has much more room.
Except he officially declared rules for this car: no food or drink!

Dang it!

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Frates Baby Farm said...

Woo hoo!!! What did you get?! Jay always tries to set rules for us when we get a new car...give a few months. :)