Wednesday, December 3, 2008


53 years on this Earth.
I have 4 children.
4 beautiful grandchildren.

I work in a town 2 hours away from my family but 5 minutes from work.
I live in an apartment. Although I've always wanted to buy a house.
You do what you have to do for work.

I work hard. Sometimes it goes unnoticed.
I get home late.
And I'm not as healthy as I used to be.

I love my family.
They are my pride & joy.
I'd do anything for them.

Today, I was laid off.
53...and laid off??....

I met a man yesterday, business is slow and he's not sure how he'll pay his bills.
He told me when God closes one door another door opens.

The irony is endearing, isn't it?

Before yesterday God really wasn't a huge part of my life, but after today I definitely think Christ is in my life.

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