Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I've been thinking a lot about "Christmas Spirit" and what it means to me & what it means to my family. While Christmas has become a major consumer holiday- all about spending money, I really want to start something for my family to really celebrate what Christmas is with each other and the ones we love.

What this holiday means? And my responsibility to teach them how beautiful Christmas is and how great a holiday it is outside of "gifts."
Although, gifts are fun and a well deserved treat for a year well done, I would like it to be more than just that....

Yesterday the boys & I, my sister n law, niece, nephew and dear friend, Ms. Bane - went to the Sugar Plum Festival in Costa Mesa. It was amazing- all the handmade crafts and Christmas goodies. The only down side, they didn't allow strollers! 2 year olds, no strollers - it was rough and we were all exhausted.

Later that night we went to the Redlands Christmas Parade, Grandma Debby was number 84 and was beautiful. The boys were so excited to see their Grandma in a parade! It was exciting.

I actually got teary eyed at moments watching people say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to complete strangers. I don't know why, it's silly, I know. But I thought to myself, this is what Christmas should be about.

I'll get to work on that.


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We were in the parade! I wish that we would've met up :( Miss you.