Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We came home from vacation to a broken air conditioner.
And 100 degree weather.
So besides frequent trips to the local water park,
we've been laying low, eating ice cream, and taking drives in our car to enjoy what it feels like to have cold air on your skin.

When the A/C tech showed up to fix our beast, he mentioned that he'd been here for the last 3 summers. 
That didn't sound promising. 
I'm just praying it survives the next few months.
Being sweaty, stinks.

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Lauren said...

Golden Spoon?! Yumm-may!! I've been only a number of times but it was the best I've had.
That AC problem I'm getting here too! It's ridiculous!! We moved in at the end of the summer so we didn't know about any problems until summer came - then everything broke and now we're getting AC as of today! It's been about two weeks of AC and Heater drama :)
Hope things turn out smoothly..