Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sew Funky Marketplace

Over the weekend I teamed up with my home girl  Heather from Hello Bird! to do the Sew Funky Marketplace in Riverside.

This craft fair was awesome. Baby Renegade perhaps?

There were so many incredible vendors (which I'm going to post about tomorrow), I just wish I had more time to shop!

And for being one of the only vintage vendors there, I say we did pretty good. 
I definitely want to jump on the craft fair circuit again, we actually met people who knew us from our booth at the Redlands Galleria! Which was so awesome!

Here are a few photos from our booth (taken my Henneman Photography):


Havis said...

love my title!

Little Tree Vintage said...

this stuff looks amazing!

Mermegan said...

I love that lamp! Did anyone buy it?

The Duty's said...

loving your blog!!!

jenna duty


with love, the fishers said...

Thanks ladies!

@mermegan, I'm pretty sure Heather from Hello Bird still has the lamp available. Here is a link to her facebook page.