Monday, July 18, 2011


We spent a few days at our friend's beach house in Balboa Island last week.

It was so nice and our friends were so great to let us piggy back on their vacation!

The weather was perfect.
We walked to the beach everyday.
Brandon officially learned how to skim board.
Ayden swam in the ocean.
And Lucas didn't run away.

Oh & I took a nap and left with a tan.
I'd say it was a totally successful vacation!


Havis said...

so dreamy! Glad you guys were able to do that.

Lea said...

Your kids are so handsome! They seem to be fairly spaced out in age. What are the age differences? Do you like it? Ever wished they were closer together? Just curious! :-)

Foy Family said...

You have the best looking boys. What a fun trip.

with love, the fishers said...

@lea, they are all 4 years apart but it's been great for us. They are all so close, & the age gap really hasn't effected us yet...but I'm sure that'll all change when the oldest is in High School :)