Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I changed my weekly thrift store trips from Friday to Thursday,
because...well...Ayden is in school on Thursday. 
And he thinks thrift stores are boring, and there's nothing worse then a bummed out shopping buddy. 


Today I found some really great stuff,
and I thought I'd share them with you: 

A vintage brown weekender bag. 
It's in perfect shape for being 50 years old and it was only $2. 
I also found a Superior Electric Fan that still works!
And it's a beautiful shade of avocado.($10) 

I also found a McCoy Cookie Jar (in the 50's he was responsible for making all the kitschy cookie jars) and this one is so cute.  ($3)

This lil' oil painting I found at a new thrift store in Loma Linda for 50 cents.  (it's not so gray in real life, the lighting in my house was so bad thanks to this horrible stormy humid weather.)

I didn't find this today, but on my trip last week to the salvation army-  it's vintage Descoware. A total find for $5. 
It has a few chips on the enamel but it's cast iron, so it'll last an eternity. 

Next week I'll post a few tips on thrifting.
And a few places you can check out too.



Amber said...

Love it! Looking forward to hearing where you go ;0)

Jeanie Aurora said...

Great finds Dena! You go mama!