Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We like to Party...

So, we had a baby food making party!
Why not right?
We're young, have loads of babies (who need to eat) and so why not get together & make some baby food!

We cooked for about 3 hours and made a ton of baby food.

And...my blender died in the process.
RIP dear friend.
You've been with me for a long, long time...
it was sad to see you sitting in my trash can.

Overall, the day was eventful to say the least.
Some moments will be etched into our brains for eternity.

It was one of the wildest parties I've been too in a very long time!


Kel said...

So cute! We need more get togethers this year. At least once a month. Such a great idea. I love you guys.

lauren ♥ said...

wow, beautiful ladies, with beautiful babies! is this your house/kitchen?! it is super cute! and what is that steamer machine you guys were using? i wish i had a group of ladies out here to party with like that :)

with love, the fishers said...

Thanks Lauren! Yep that's my teeny tiny kitchen. It's fun. When we bought the house it was white & green with fruit wallpaper. Not cute.
The steamer machine was awesome. My friend bought it at this discount store called Tuesday Mornings for like $30. I really want one too.
If I find one online, I'll let you know.
If you move out here, you can hang with us anytime!!

Amber said...

It was a memorable party! Lots of Fun.Nice Pictures Dena! Lauren the steamer is called Richard Simmons Steam Heat...Great Steamer!