Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bogie Bogie Par Par

While sitting on my couch...

Listening to my husband play poker and talk golf, I started to think of my own "score card."

My stats for the last 6 months.

Here's a run down:
(more really for my memory..since it's virtually transparent these days)

And that’s where we stand.

Me & Baby.

That and I cry all the time.

About nothing & about everything.

So I might need to borrow a tissue?


Anonymous said...

I cried a bunch of times today--maybe we should have hung out and gone through a box of kleenex together....
If you were scoring hockey, then your 3rd boy would be a hat trick!! ;]

A Boy Named Demetri said...

Oh, Dena. You are a special lady. I love u. I've got lots of tissues if you need them.