Tuesday, July 14, 2009

At home

My dearest baby,

You are bringing something so special to our family.
Something we have never experienced before.
Something I have never experienced before...

We get to have you at home.

I know some are thinking we are crazy or I am crazy for that matter.
But knowing that we get to bring you into the world in our home where you were created, seems so beautiful to me.

I was made to do this.
A completely natural, beautiful delivery.
Something you deserve.
And something we will cherish for a lifetime.

I get teary thinking about daddy being able to be the one to catch you.
Or that our midwife will be one of my dearest friends.
And how we will be surrounded with family and so much love.

A welcoming you definitely deserve.

We love you.


Frates Baby Farm said...

I am so excited for you :) It will be absolutely beautiful.

Lauren Fisher said...

Yeah... I cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...you know the nurse in me needs to know that there is a back up plan in place--you know how it goes sometimes...the best laid plans....but makes sense to have a plan B--for Baby ;]

Frates Baby Farm said...

I think it's amazing that you chose to share this. You are such a strong, postive person and I adore you :) This experience will be amazing. You are birthing your baby exactly where your body knows how to...less intervention and more attention and nurturing to you and your babe. Your body knows how to do this. All womens bodies know how to do this...we just need to learn to relax and allow them to do it :)
Okay...I'm done (hee hee) Love ya!

A Boy Named Demetri said...

This is so beautiful.

I think next time I will be doing the same thing.


Fabulous Foys said...

Homebirth is amazing and I am a better person and our family is closer because of it.